February 25, 2016
2:00-3:15 pm
WPAC Instrumental Hall
Free Admission

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As the fourth generation of the José Ramírez luthier family, Amalia Ramirez began her guitar making apprenticeship in the workshop under the direction of her father in 1976. She helped her brother José Ramírez IV in the restructuring and management of the workshop.

After the death of her brother in June 2000, Amalia took over the direction of the business, dividing her time between the workshop, office and the shop. She also inspects the guitars made in the workshop from beginning to the end of the construction process. Amalia investigates and study guitar making by improving the different template and fan bracing of guitars.

She has also designed a number of different models including the SPR (semi-professional models), which is made in her workshop. This is an intermediate guitar between the student and the professional models. She also recently introduced a special semiprofessional guitar which is of higher quality than the SPR – the Conservatorio model. This is completely hand made in her workshop with a new concept of construction to reduce costs, making it more affordable for those guitarists who are looking for a high quality instrument at a more affordable price.