Reaching for the Stars: A Musical Journey Through Space-time

By January 26, 2016News

The Southern Cross Astronomical Society presents a lecture-concert by Dr. James Webb: “Reaching for the Stars: A Musical Journey Through Space-time” at the Florida International University Chemistry and Physics Department room 145 on Friday, February 19 at 8pm.

The guest speaker Dr. Webb, who is also a guitarist and composer, will talk about astronomy in music and its importance and perform some solo fingerstyle pieces accompanied by videos, as well as some of his own songs from the CD “Reaching for the Stars.”

Dr. Webb will also be performing the premiere of his new song entitled “The Eerie Silence.”  This refers to the fact that we have yet to detect signals from alien civilizations despite about 50 years of searching.

The lecture-concert will be followed by the tours of the observatory, control rooms, and visual observing with telescopes, including the wonderful 24″ automated telescope of the Stocker AstroScience Center, if weather permits.

Hope to see you all there.